Our history

The birth of the company takes place on July 29, 1946, with the creation of Fucoli-Fundição Conimbricense, LDA in Coimbra with 10 workers, having started to manufacture material for the water supply sector and sanitation in 1949.

On March 2, 1957 borns the company Somepal-Sociadade Metalurgica da Pampilhosa, LDA in the village of Pampilhosa, dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of various types of valves.

1970 - The founders of Fucoli offer 5% of the capital to Álvaro Pereira

1981 - Álvaro Pereira purchase all shares of Fucoli and create a society with the family

1990 - Alvaro Pereira purchase all the shares of Somepal

1992 - Purchase of the 1st CNC machine - start of casting Nodular Cast Iron

1993 - Fucoli PME Prestige

1994 – Somepal Quality System Certification and Fucoli PME Prestige

1996 – Fucoli Quality System Certification, introduction of epoxy paint

1998 – Fusion of Fucoli with Somepal: Fucoli-Somepal SA
Somepal considered the best PME in the basic metallurgy sector.

1999 - Fucoli-Somepal best PME base metallurgy sector.

2000 - Fucoli-Somepal PME Excellence.

2002 - Total Production of Nodular Cast Iron.

2003 - The first national company to get the mark "Certified Product" on manhole covers.

2005 - Absolute Winner in the category Award EDP Electricity and Environment; replacement of Cubilô for Electric ovens.

2006 - Certification of Soft sealing gate valves by RINA.

2007 - Fucoli-Somepal is the first European company to obtain the CE mark on Fire hydrants; Certification of Soft sealing gate valves by KIWA.

2008 – Robotic epoxy painting.

2009 - Environmental Certification (Head Office); Automatic deburring.

2010 - Valves and fittings automatic testing.