GSK epoxy coating

Fucoli-Somepal offers a hight-quality, GSK certified epoxy corrosion protection coating in its products for water supply networks.

The entire production process is carried out and monitored in our factories. Before applying the coating, all castings are cleaned and their surface analysed to ensure perfect adhesion of the applied coating. The components are preheated and the epoxy coating powder melts when in contact with them. Immediately afterwards, the painted components enter a cooling tunnel to ensure the perfect curing.

Each and every batch is meticulously controlled to ensure a minimum layer thickness of 250 microns, pore-free surface, high impact resistance and proper curing.

The entire epoxy coating process in Fucoli-Somepal is certified and audited according to regulations RAL-GZ 662 of GSK, an independent entity founded over 20 years ago to guarantee the highest quality standards for coating valves and accessories.

All the GSK certified manufacturers place the GSK quality seal on their products, which consists of the RAL GSK symbol and the corresponding four-digit number, the GSK-ID, that identifies the producer.

The epoxy coating applied is toxicologically tested and approved for application in drinking water systems, being certified by several bodies [ Hygiene institute – Germany; Kiwa – Netherlands; Wras – United Kingdom; Carso – France].

You can check the GSK Fucoli-Somepal certification here.

You can find more information about GSK here.